Thanks to @ivylongboards for this new addition to my family. Now I just need to figure this whole skateboarding without falling thing. || #vscocam #ivylongboards


Natalie + Patrick | San Diego, CA

The last day I was studying abroad in Italy, I was in Siena, I was in my little tiny room and packing all my stuff, reflecting on the last semester there, and it started snowing . It was the only time in my life that I can ever remember seeing snow. And it was just this magical moment all to myself. It was so beautiful. I had just realized that life can be really really cool and there is no reason to be scared. I had jumped into this really scary thing for me, at the time, of committing to living three months abroad and not speaking the language. It was my last day, and I just felt so excited for the possibilities I could create for myself. 

What do you want out of life?

Not a lot. Just to remain inspired. To remain interested in things and to be able to keep creating . To inspire other people to have fun and think differently about life and question the things they believe to be true. To play. I just want to laugh a lot and share good meals with people I love. And never lose awe in the beauty of the natural world.