Professional triangle player and henchman legal advocate.
Perusing a graduate degree in Crayon Biochemistry.
Based out of San Diego.

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Arthur Hughes
The Property Room
Oil on canvas, 1879
[via WikiArt]
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Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1947
Richard Avedon.
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"We were twenty-five and twenty-eight, but we acted like fifteen year olds. Fighting over little things, storming off, breaking up for a week and then getting back together. But developmentally, we were fifteen year olds. We’d been in the closet our whole lives, so we didn’t have any practice with relationships. He still hadn’t come out to his family and a lot of his friends. We were on one of our ‘little breaks’ when he died suddenly from a seizure. And nobody in his family or circle knew I existed. It took me four months to find out that he died. I thought he’d just decided never to talk to me again. His family never found out about me. Or him, for that matter."
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