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Selling my Mamiya m645

It has an 80mm 2.8 lens, a 120 insert, and an eye level viewfinder. The prism is a non metering prism, but has a great grid focusing screen. I bought it less than a year ago from KEH and it’s in EXCELLENT condition. Seriously, it looks and works like it’s brand new.

As much as I love Lisbeth (changing her name is negotiable), I don’t use her often and I would rather her go to someone who will use her than sit on my shelf all day contemplating her namesake.

Asking price: $275 + any shipping costs.

For more sample photos go here.

Contact me for more info/photo at


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    I reallly wish!! :(
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    Howdy Y’all! This camera is still for sale. I’m including free shipping now! Message me if you’re interested or have any...
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    Ahh I want it but I won’t have enough money for another month
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    My friend is selling her camera! You know you want it! :)